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What is Bannermania 2000?

Bannermania 2000 is a world-wide-web banner system that has grown exponentially since July of 1996. From it's humble beginnings known simply as Bannermania, it has developed into the most advanced banner system on the Net! By combining the latest technology with past experience it is specifically designed for Webmasters who want to create money with their website(s)!

How does it work?

Although technologically advanced, it is still a simple program whereby any webmaster can include a small snippet of HTML code on their web page, which will display banner ads.

The Webmaster in turn receives a payout determined by the amount of click-thrus made from this banner system. That's it! From there, it's just a matter of checking your stats (which are in real-time!) to see how much money you have made. We handle the rest!